Toshiba X300 Performance 4TB 7200 RPM SATA HDD

  • 3.5″ SATA Hard Drive, 7200 RPM
  • 128 MB buffer
  • Toshiba Dynamic Cache Technology
  • Toshiba Stable Platter Technology

অর্ডার করার পূর্বে কাস্টমার কেয়ার থেকে পন্যের স্টক ও ডেলিভারি সম্পর্কে জেনে নেয়ার অনুরোধ করা যাচ্ছে। প্রযুক্তি পণ্যের মূল্য অস্থিতিশীল হওয়ায় কারণে যেকোন মুহূর্তে যেকোন প্রযুক্তি পণ্যের মূল্য পরিবর্তন হতে পারে।

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৳ 12,900.00

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Components :

Size 3.5-inch
Buffer 128 MB
Capacity 4 TB
Interface SATA 6.0 Gbit/s
RPM 7200 rpm
Warranty 2 Years

Toshiba X300 Performance 4TB 7200 RPM SATA HDD

The Toshiba X300 Performance 4TB 7200 RPM SATA HDD is a reliable and high-capacity storage solution designed to meet the demands of power users, gamers, and creative professionals. With its impressive specifications and advanced features, this hard disk drive offers enhanced performance and durability for various applications. Featuring a spacious capacity of 4TB, the Toshiba X300 provides ample space to store a vast amount of data, including large multimedia files, games, software applications, and more. Whether you’re a content creator working with high-resolution videos or a gamer with a vast library of games, this HDD ensures you have enough room to accommodate your needs. The 7200 RPM rotational speed of the X300 ensures swift data access and faster file transfers. This makes it ideal for tasks that require quick data retrieval, such as gaming, video editing, and multitasking. The high-speed SATA 6.0 Gbit/s interface ensures seamless connectivity and compatibility with a wide range of systems, allowing for smooth data transfers and efficient performance. To further enhance performance, the Toshiba X300 is equipped with a generous 128MB buffer, which helps improve data access times and overall system responsiveness. This buffer acts as a temporary storage area, allowing the HDD to efficiently handle data requests and reduce delays. Durability and reliability are also key features of the Toshiba X300. With its 2-year warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected. The drive’s robust construction and advanced technologies, including built-in shock sensors and Ramp Loading technology, help safeguard your data against accidental drops, vibrations, and other external factors that may cause data loss or drive failure. Whether you’re upgrading your existing system or building a new one, the Toshiba X300 Performance 4TB 7200 RPM SATA HDD offers an excellent combination of storage capacity, speed, and reliability. It provides a seamless storage solution for high-performance applications, gaming enthusiasts, and anyone who requires ample storage space with quick data access. Trust in Toshiba’s reputation for quality and choose the X300 to elevate your storage capabilities. Features
  • Impressive Capacity: With a generous storage capacity of 4TB, the X300 provides ample space to store large files, including games, videos, photos, and more. It ensures you have enough room for your growing digital library.
  • High Rotational Speed: The 7200 RPM (revolutions per minute) ensures fast and responsive performance, enabling quick data access and reduced loading times. This speed is especially beneficial for tasks that require rapid data retrieval, such as gaming and multimedia editing.
  • Efficient Data Transfer: The SATA 6.0 Gbit/s interface offers seamless connectivity and compatibility with a wide range of systems. It enables fast and efficient data transfers, ensuring smooth performance and minimizing data transfer bottlenecks.
  • Large Buffer: The X300 features a substantial 128MB buffer, acting as a temporary storage area for frequently accessed data. This helps improve overall system responsiveness, making the HDD more efficient in handling data requests and reducing latency.
  • Enhanced Durability: The X300 is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. It incorporates built-in shock sensors that protect the drive from accidental drops and vibrations, reducing the risk of data loss or drive failure. The Ramp Loading technology ensures the drive’s heads safely unload from the disk, further enhancing its durability.
  • 3.5-Inch Form Factor: The X300 is designed in a 3.5-inch form factor, which makes it compatible with standard desktop systems and most drive bays. This makes it easy to integrate into your existing setup or build a new system around it.

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